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Coniston Fowler Ozarks to the Invasion

Coniston Fowler and the Typhoon Force

Coniston Fowler and the Conspiracy

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Lloyd R Martin

The Mandalay Conspiracy

Short Description.

This is the story of the life of Coniston Fowler from 1940 to the Vietnam War. After escaping the poverty of the Ozarks he flew in WW2, then on to develop the American TSR2, which he flew in action over Vietnam and China.

Extended Description.

This is the story of the life of Coniston Fowler from 1940, he and his childhood friend managed to escape from grinding poverty in the Ozark Mountains. They learn to fly in Canada in 1941, then on to service with the RCAF in UK, when the USA came into the war, they joined the USAAF. When the Germans attacked bases in the East Anglia the pals became separated. These attacks were in preparation for a landing on Shingle Street, Suffolk. Our hero flew over these beaches and was set upon by two Messerschmitt 262 jets, giving us more dramatic action.

After the war the friends didn't manage to get together again. Coniston's career in Korea was cut short when he was recalled to the USA to fly a secret diplomatic mission to Turkey.

We then move to Samlesbury, Lancashire where the Americans acquired the TSR2 supersonic bomber. (CIA?)

Detailed plans follow showing the decision process in the planning for the ultimate raid, including deception in Burma and test flying.

All this is told with authority and is very convincing, and reasons are given as to why you didn't know about it before.

The final one third of the book is given over to the final action - atom bombs on China in an attempt to bring the Vietnam War to an end. We have detailed information on the attack, the defences, and the rescue of Coniston when he is shot down.

Then we have the repercussions. Meetings in the Pentagon, made up from people who might well have been there at the time.

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